The Power of My Thought

I am created in the image of perfection and now is the time for me to acknowledge my spiritual perfection. The real “I” in the “I am” is great,  good and perfect.

As I work, play and grow along life’s pathway, I learn to remain open to the universal good that is available to all for any ideas of restriction and limitation manifest in kind. I realize that the moment I think something is possible, I make it possible and open the door to universal good.

Since each day is a new beginning and a fresh start on life, I renew my acceptance for taking responsibility for my thoughts and actions. I remember that each day is the first day of the rest of my life.

Although the world has disease and suffering, I remember that disease is caused by the body being in a state of dis-ease. Physical pain is the result of incorrect thinking and I can choose to control my thinking.

As I recognize these truths, I sometimes begin to feel guilt over past undesirable outcomes. I realize and understand that guilt makes undesirable outcomes repeat.

Fear is another feeling I have  learnt to come to terms with, for the negation of love is fear and fear is the pre-cursor of hate. Love removes fear. Fear is the negative use of faith and once reality is given fear, hate is born. Since I choose how I make life, I overcome fear by conscious thought and positive faith.

By becoming aware, I choose to be healthy by releasing the fears I have regarding ill health. Health comes from within and since I am a co-creator with the divine spirit, I can create health. By the use of affirmations, creative visualization, imagery techniques as well as developing an appropriate, expecting and receptive mental attitude, I create health. I remember that love is the power that heals.

As I journey through life, I learn to enjoy the journey and remember that all experiences are for learning. Ordinary people learn from their experiences and wise people learn from the experiences of others. I also remember that the joy is both in the journey and in the reaching of the destination. It has been said, “most people tiptoe through life so that they can arrive safely at death.” I am meant to go through life living, learning, growing, experiencing and loving as I travel and progress onward.

When I develop faith in the divine, my journey becomes easier. Faith moves the universal subconscious mind to creation. The cornerstone of faith is positive thinking, for it is the use of faith that allows me to rise above negative circumstances. I develop faith by sustained effort, spiritual value, persistence and an inner knowingness. To allow faith to work, I trust it completely and take charge of my thinking. Whether I think I can or cannot, I am absolutely right. To achieve success in anything, I think and believe that I can. I act as though I can only succeed. It is necessary to let my thinking govern the conditions that surround me. For it is thought plus faith that creates and as I think I become. It is therefore to my best advantage to build habits of positive thinking. I am what I think and my thinking creates my circumstances. As I refuse to let circumstance alter my thinking, I see circumstances grow into the image of my thought.

As I learn to control my thoughts, I control my destiny. When I use my thoughts to build positive images, I begin to conceive positive results. To acquire a physical result, I first develop the mental skills to conceive of that which I desire. I believe it is truly possible before I achieve and receive in the physical world. Those things that the conscious mind believes are always returned by the universal mind. “As ye believe, so shall ye receive.” When I hold an idea in my mind, it is only a matter of time until I hold the physical result in my hand.

What I conceive and accept in my mind, I receive in reality. I get that which I ask for. When I change the idea of a thing, I change the thing. By changing my thinking, I change my results. A thing only becomes a something as a result of conscious thought. To alter my life and results, I alter my thinking.

Poverty is the negation of abundance. I am born rich. I have as much as kings. The key is to  think success.

It is energy following thought that causes physical results. There is but one substance from which all is made and that substance is all that there is and it is everywhere all the time … and all there is, is now.

Force negates. I release force and go with the flow of life. I get into the process, stay in the process and let the process do the work I get ready to receive and willingly accept. There is only one force or power in the universe and it serves me or masters me according to my perception. I realise that the choice is always mine. This power creates what I believe and manifests to me what I am prepared to accept. It is my acceptance of this power, greater than I, that brings my desired results. I work with it, open to it, flow with it and accept its gifts. There is only one power and it is available to all.

When I wait for impetus from outside to determine what thoughts I will accept, I become a victim to every wind that blows. I take control of my thoughts. Since I can only hold one thought in my mind at one time, I realize that I can and must choose that thought or the environment will choose it for me. Thought is the great creator. It just needs faith to bring it to reality, for thought plus conviction equals manifestation. I create by my thought and desire.

When I was born, I was given free will to make all my own choices and what I think is the only true choice I have in life. I am what I choose and my choices are made in and by my mind and thoughts.

My mind acts on the most pre-dominant thought. Since the universal mind answers thought, my security lies within. Mind is complete unity and therefore is love itself.

Love gives meaning to life and love is the motivating force. God is love and love is all. Life is creation and all creation is a labor of love. Life seeks knowledge and creation is the measure of what has been learned; thus creation is the purpose of life and creation springs from love. To know love is to learn and to grow. I remember that love and hate are opposites and that hate is simply love moving in the opposite direction. Love makes the world go round.

All of my impulses spring from my imagination. My imagination is the way into my subconscious. It helps me to think of my mind as a garden. A garden whereby I am the farmer, who waters, feeds and nurtures the seeds I plant. The seeds are my thoughts. I learn to work less and harvest more. The fruits I receive today are the seeds I planted yesterday. As a farmer removes the weeds in a garden to allow for more healthy growth, I also weed my mind to give room for my thoughts to expand, grow strong and be healthy. For as I sow, so shall I reap.