Brain Gym Course 300

Course: Brain Gym Course 300
In-Depth: Seven Dimensions of Intelligence
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Facilitator: To be determined
Prerequisite: Brain Gym®
Course Outline
From the time of conception, a child’s nervous system goes through a series of specific stages of development. Emotional, environmental, structural, or academic stress can inhibit the effective completion of these key developmental processes. For adults, chronic stress or tension is one clue that developmental skills are incomplete. Brain Gym balances create immediate and lasting changes by the enhancing  of actually building neurological bridges and pathways within the brain and body which assist in the completion of developmental processes.

This 4-day training builds from Brain Gym® with a simple yet comprehensive approach to learning that respects the individual’s integrity while creating positive change from a causative level. In an experiential and personally transformative context, you will learn and practice theory and methods for one on one educational consulting. Useful innovative techniques, lucid enjoyable demonstrations, daily guided practice time and a relaxed atmosphere offer you a truly unique experience that applies directly to your personal and professional life.

Seven Dimensions of Intelligence
Increase your understanding of Laterality (Communication), Centering (Organization), and Focus (Comprehension), and add four new dimensions of brain/body integration.

<Motivation – the relationship of motivation and language acquisition. Hidden agendas for failure. Rhythm – the understanding of cranial movement and its relationship to learning and expression.

Inspiration – change the breath-holding reflex to breathing that supports learning and growing.

Self Management – create the appropriate brain chemistry to enhance learning in any situation.


During this training you will
•  Explore and transform learning difficulties and hidden agendas for failure.
• Improve communications, coordination, and organization within the brain and body.
• Learn successful goal setting.
• Experience a personal breakthrough in success and relationships
• Learn acupressure, movement, vision training, and emotional balancing techniques .
•  Learn acupressure, movement, vision training, and emotional balancing techniques .
• Create immediate and cumulative benefits for yourself and others.
• Apply learning theory to get practical results.
• Relate observed body movement to life skills.
Format: Weekdays or Weekends – 8:45am to 5:30pm
Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (specific directions provided upon registration)
Duration: 4 Days – 32 Hours
Tuition Notes: (Repeat Students have a special rate available)
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