Polarity Therapy Testimonials

Comments on the RYP course

“This course has helped me get more in-touch with myself and achieve more of an inner calm/peace than I have ever felt.”

“This course was life changing. Almost every area of my life has been impacted. My awareness of myself and life has been forever changed”

“Course material has made me more aware of how to survive in this world we live in & so much information to use,  practice & share.”

“I will use this material in Polarity sessions, planning future business, and in my everyday life. In everyday living, day to day life, the course has assisted me let go of issues, old patterns within myself. I feel more of an inner peace. I am aware of more shifts happening. I use it everyday in every area, from self awareness to organization to relationships. I now want to delve into bodywork on others.”

“Sher is a facilitator who can always find the right words to say to bring the material across in ways that we all understand.”

“This class is always something I look forward to, and always leave with many gifts.”

“This course has a wonderful perspective & energy. It has helped me tremendously in opening up my way of thinking and my approach to life. I am learning to recognize my process and that of others, and to respect the process of others.”

“ We are lucky to have Sher. Her enthusiasm and never ending stories, info. and fun make being here a joy.”

“ Sher diversifies the information & the curriculum so it is never monotonous. She is so enthusiastic & has so much fun doing what she loves. It is a treat to experience being around someone who enjoys their job. A wealth of information and knowledge. I thank you for providing “the space” for me to learn.”

“Sher is great – always able to keep us on track – and helping to make obscurities a little more clear. I feel like I’ve come home. Polarity in Toronto with Sher & my mates has given me grounding, well at least a source.”

“ I can learn as much or more from my interactions with other students, about Polarity, as I can from working with my clients.”

“The training: looking back over these last months some things are obvious to me. I was skeptical about my commitment to the “the drive” from Hamilton to here. “It’s worth the drive”. I honestly miss and crave the Polarity community, it feels like a place to re-fuel. Thank you.”