About Us

Realizing Your Potential was established in 1984 by Sher Smith for the purpose of enhancing lifestyle wellness and health by training and educating people in numerous and various modalities.

In 1990, Sher became aware of Polarity Therapy and began her training as a Polarity Practitioner and Instructor. After six years of intensive training, practice and teaching, application was made and material and course outlines submitted to the American Polarity Therapy Association for approval of the RYP Course as a recognized training program for both Level 1 (Associate Polarity Practitioner/APP) and Level 2 (Registered Polarity Practitioner/RPP or Board Certified Polarity Practitioner/BCPP) status. Approval was received in March of 1996 and since that time, RYP has been conducting approved and recognized Polarity Therapy trainings.

Benefits of Training in RYP Level 1/2 Polarity Therapy Certification Programs

1) Purpose: The purpose of our certification training programs is to teach you the skills to build and maintain a successful practice. “Successful Practice” is defined as the ability to produce therapeutic results with clients and support yourself financially. Therefore, every aspect of the training programs is designed with this in mind.

2) Rejuvenation and Transformation: To give to others, you must give to yourself. During the complete certification training, you personally experience physical rejuvenation, mental and emotional transformation and the skills to continue and enhance this healthy state. The rejuvenation and renewal is the inevitable result of:

Receiving regular private work.
Building new positive beliefs.
A change in life style habits.

Indeed, some people take the training only for this reason alone.

3) Effective Teaching Format: Concepts and skills are presented in an experiential, fun, stimulating and enjoyable manner using state of the art communication techniques to make them easily understood and assimilated. The program consists of three basic elements:

Guided Independent Study – preparatory work grounds the student in relevant theory from texts studied on their own. Texts include titles on Polarity Therapy, Anatomy, Physiology and the Elements. We are available for consultation during this period.

Class Room Training – Experiential, hands on learning with plenty of personal attention. A combination of lecture, discussion, demonstration, practice and structured learning experiences are used. Comprehensive and illustrated manuals are provided for your reference and use in all 3 steps of the journey to certification.

Practicum – Independent practice and special assignments which lead to mastery of the material. We are available for consultation during this period.

4) APTA Registered Courses: successful course completion allows you to apply to the American Polarity Therapy Association for certification.