Brain Gym®

Paul Dennison Ph.D., from his work in the early ’70’s with children who had learning challenges, came to understand that there were simple movements and activities that produced profound, positive changes in these children. From these results, he developed a systematic process for improved learning which he called Brain Gym. These movements and activities were formulated and refined and subsequently became called Brain Gym®. Brain Gym movements are designed to be and in fact are gymnastics for the brain and have proven over time to be of benefit in the learning process.

For many reasons, incomplete firing processes within the nervous system can lead to slower learning. Learning can become a difficult, frustrating and confusing process. With the use of the Brain Gym activities, learning processes are stimulated to function at their optimum level often times resulting in increased learning, which manifests as higher grades for students and ease of learning for adults.

Movement in Brain Gym is the key to learning. Brain Gym stimulates the nerves of the brain to integrate the brain’s activities for whole brain functioning. When the often nerves of the brain and nervous system are stimulated with these integrative movements, learning becomes easier, faster and more in-depth. In fact, many of the movements are those that children do naturally before they go to school where they have to stop moving and sit still. With the introduction of these activities into the life of the person (child or adult) the benefits are often quickly attained.

One of the other aspects to enhanced learning is the drinking of water throughout the day and especially when there is new learning to be absorbed. The nervous system is an electrical system and as such needs sufficient water to maintain its highest operating potential.

As we grow, we move, we learn and the cells of our nervous system are organized and reorganized throughout life. These patterns allow us greater ability to receive outside stimuli and perform the myriad jobs of human life and learning. The Brain Gym activities assist a person’s nervous system in making this whole process more efficient and productive.

Brain Gym is fun and easy to learn. There are four simple steps to get ready for learning and 26 targeted activities used to move through a five-step balance process. This process is designed to facilitate integration of brain function for whole brain utilization. When under stress, people tend to revert to one hemisphere usage, which is usually their dominant pattern of brain activity. The highest potential for all people is the ability to draw on and use both sides of their brain at once and to allow the brain to work as a complete whole rather than working in parts. Whole brain activity increases learning, and can bring improvements in such skills as memory, math, reading, writing, concentration, communication, creativity, athletic performance and the overall increase in energy levels.

Once exposed to the Brain Gym process adults and children naturally incorporate the activities into their daily life. The exercises are simple, easy, fun and effective. Accomplishing more and discovering the ease and joy of meeting new challenges is what the process is all about.

Brain Gym® is a registered trademark of the Breakthroughs International Foundation of Ventura, California.