Chronic Fatigue

As a Polarity Practitioner and Cranial Sacral Therapist, I see many clients who are seeking relief from the little understood condition of SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder), CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue & Immune Deficiency Syndrome), ME (Myalgia Encephalomyelitis), FIBROMYALGIA and RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). Although there have been no cures found for these conditions, there are many self-help ideas that have worked for my clients and I would like to share some of these.

With conditions or ailments such as the above, there are similar or related symptoms that make an accurate diagnosis difficult. The first step when dealing with any of these conditions is to seek proper medical treatment for diagnosis, suggested therapy and to rule out such conditions as AIDS, LUPUS or other medical concerns.

Symptoms that are common to all of these conditions are: specific and unspecific pain, headaches, changing vision, insomnia, restless disturbed sleep, memory loss, inability to concentrate, muscle pain, weakness, tiredness, exhaustion, lethargy, general malaise, irritability, depression and the coming & going of symptoms.

The exact cause of these conditions is unknown although it is generally agreed that the Immune System is not functioning at an optimum level. The ailment often develops after the body has suffered an acute illness or injury that for some reason or other turns chronic. Some cases have been thought to occur after the body has had a bout with a viral illness that turns chronic. People with these symptoms have little choice but to endure their predicament. They may become understandably frustrated and have feelings of guilt and anger. They find that family and friends become less and less tolerant, understanding, supporting and compassionate. In our society, we have come to expect that when you get sick, you go to the Doctor, take something and get better. We have had little understanding of, or information on, how to cope with such long-term disabilities. It is hard sometimes to tell who is more frustrated, the person with the aliment or those surrounding him.

Albeit there has been no one thing that has become the panacea for all people and all conditions, there have been some things discovered that help many people some of the time. Many of these ideas have come from clients; people who have tried different notions or intuitive ideas and then shared them with me. I in turned have been sharing them with others and now have a collection of ideas to share with you and would appreciate hearing about any of your experiences to share them with others. What works is basically a case of trial and error.

Although these ideas are harmless in moderation, it is always a good idea to check them first with your Doctor. To be certain brings peace of mind and gives you the chance to see which ideas might help your particular case the most.

COLOUR is one area in which success has been experienced. Sleeping with a blue night light in the room has a relaxing effect, as blue tends to calm and soothe. Red is known to have an exciting impact on the body and can be chosen for clothing at a time when a little extra energy might be useful. To stimulate an appetite, orange on a place mat may help. Green is said to bring a healing influence and violet influences the aura, especially during meditation, which can enhance the positive outcome and consequences of this activity.

MUSIC is another area that has produced satisfying results. People have found that during the day it is helpful to play classical music in the background. The reports have been varied with some finding the music calming while others find thinking clearer and staying on task easier. For sleeping, some have discovered that soft relaxation music will bring sleep while others fall to sleep listening to sound recordings of the sea, a thunderstorm, a roaring fireplace or other natural environmental sound.

HERBAL TEAS seem to produce beneficial results. There is “sleepytime” tea for sleeping, chamomile for calming, peppermint for an upset stomach, fennel for relieving gas, rose hip for stress and many more. All such teas are caffeine free and caffeine is often known to aggravate such conditions.

EXERCISING at your own comfort level is found to have positive effects. It is known that exercise stimulates the body to produce endorphins, which have a beneficial influence in assisting the body to heal itself. Many people have found that exercise in water is very pleasurable. By going to a warm water indoor pool and walking at chest level instead of swimming, the body can get exercise without over-exertion.

BODYWORK has been found to be helpful, especially those types that use a very light touch. With therapies such as Polarity and Cranial Sacral, the body is assisted to return to its natural state of balance. When the body is in a state of rest and relaxation, the body’s own healing resources are tapped. Within each of us is the innate ability for the body to heal itself. With the stress and strain of living in today’s world, this ability sometimes gets blocked. Good bodywork can help to trigger the natural ability to activate itself once again.

A good teacher once said that it’s not so much new learning we need as it is a reminding of that which we know or have known and then forgot. Within each of us there are many seeds of greatness and health.