Brain Gym(R) Course 102

Course: Brain Gym 102
Whole Brain Learning
Dates: See Schedule for next class
Facilitator: To be determined
Prerequisite: Brain Gym®
Course Outline
Whole-Brain Learning is based on Dr. Dennison’s pioneering work helping children and adults turn their difficulties into successes. This Course teaches how to take the stress out of reading by using Brain Gym® to effectively support students in the development of their reading and writing.

Learn How we Can

  • receive new information
  • organize effectively
  • comprehend clearly
  • communicate easily
  • develop creativity
  • use Brain Gym® to create a successful learning environment
  • enjoy life long learning
  • Dicover the tools to facilitate reading and comprehension
  • Understand the challenges we all share in learning to read
  • Learn to foster the love of reading
  • Learn to read more fluently
  • Explore strategies for the classroom
  • Learn methods to assess reading and learning in the family
  • Discover how to respect the learner’s needs and learning pace

“The intention of the reading lesson is to present learners with enough new information and experiences so that they will be able to continue the process on their own. The challenge is to give them no more than they need. Too much direction discourages their own resourcefulness and creativity. Too little direction denies them the structure required to begin the process of skills. Acquisition.” … – Paul Dennison Phd

Format: Weekdays or Weekends – 8:45am to 5:30pm
Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (specific directions provided upon registration)
Duration: 2 Days – 16 hrs
Tuition Notes: (Repeat Students have a special rate available)
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