Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is an evolutionary and experiential process of learning, health building and wellness and in the three step training program designed for you, is conducted in a fun, supportive and empathetic environment in small progressive steps.

PT_button1_yellow(An Experiential Introduction to Polarity Therapy)
A stand-alone Introduction to Polarity Therapy Workshop.

This experiential weekend workshop introduces you to the many elements of Polarity Therapy and includes a seventy (70) page manual which serves as a guide and reference for ongoing use of the Polarity Therapy General Session with family and friends after the weekend.

This weekend is mandatory for those who choose to continue their Polarity experience and process. From this weekend, an informed decision based on the experience is possible.

PT_button2_yellow(APP Level Polarity Therapy Certification Training Program)
Enroll for a further 135 hours of classroom training by registering in the APP (Level 1) Professional Certification Training.

Successful completion of the course can lead to certification as an Associate Polarity Practitioner (APP), and it is equally beneficial for those who are looking for self improvement, development and health and wellness enhancement and for use to assist family and friends towards improved lifestyles and health choices.

This course includes a 280 page Training Manual and a Home Study Guide Book to assist and support the student in the classroom training elements of the program.

PT_button3_yellow(RPP/BCPP Level Polarity Therapy Certification Training Program)
Continues the Level 1 experience and process with a further 425 hours of classroom training in the RPP/BCPP (Level 2) Professional Certification Training, which, upon successful completion can lead to certification as a Registered or Board Certified Polarity Practitioner (RPP/BCPP) with the American Polarity Therapy Association.

This segment of the training includes instruction in Craniosacral Therapy and Brain Gym®.
For further information on courses and workshops please contact info@realizingyourpotential.ca