Polarity Therapy 101


Course: Polarity Therapy 101
Introduction Workshop
Dates: See Schedule for next class
Facilitator: To be determined
Prerequisite: None
Course Outline
A 16 Hour Experiential Introduction to Polarity Therapy
(includes a 70 page training manual and guide)

Do you want to help yourself, family and friends to better health? Do you want to learn ways to maintain and/or improve this better health through nutrition, exercise and changing habits of thinking so that these results last? Do you want to learn contacts that produce a state of deep RELAXATION – one so profound that many stress related conditions diminish or disappear (i.e.: headaches and back pain)? Do you want to meet people of like mind? Then, attend the Introduction to Polarity Therapy Workshop and learn skills to help yourself, family and friends. The workshop is structured for:

1) people with no previous experience wanting to pursue a career in holistic health;
2) people interested in the healing arts as a recreation or hobby and;
3) health professionals wanting to enhance their facilitation skills.
Course Content
Bodywork Understanding Polarity Bodywork – The General Session
Theory Understanding Basic Polarity Theory and Principles
Exercise Understanding Exercise, Energy and Polarity
Mind/Mental Understanding Mental/Emotional Energy and Polarity
Nutrition Understanding Nutrition, Energy and Polarity
Format: Weekdays or Weekends – 8:45am to 6:00pm*
*Finishing times are approximate
Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (specific directions provided upon registration)
Duration: 1 weekend or 3 days depending on the format selected.
Tuition Notes: Special pricing is available
For further information on courses and workshops please contact info@realizingyourpotential.ca