Polarity Therapy 201


Course: Polarity Therapy 201
Professional Certification Training Level 1 (APP)
Dates: Level 1 Trainings generally commence two to four weeks after each Introductory Workshop
Facilitator: To be determined
Prerequisite: 101 – Introduction
Course Outline
A 135 Hour Experiential Course on Polarity Therapy.

Leads to Associate Polarity Practitioner Certification (APP) with the American Polarity Therapy Association
(includes a fully illustrated 280 page training manual and a homestudy guide workbook)

Continue to help yourself, family and friends to better health?
Continue to learn many more contacts to facilitate yours and other’s wellness concerns.
Continue to learn ways to maintain and/or improve your wellness through your further understanding of the theory and principles of Polarity Therapy and your application of Polarity nutrition, exercise and enhancement of thinking processes.
Continue with your fellow students to whom you bonded with during the Introductory Weekend.
Continue with the Level 1 Polarity Therapy Professional Certification Training.

Course Content
i) General: The Star, The Chakra Balance & The General Session.
ii) Functional: Hand & foot reflexes & triune function, the elements, Ether – space/joints, Air – respiration / circulation, Fire – digestion/warmth, Water – sex / lymphatic, Earth – elimination/skeleton & the nervous system.
iii) Structural: Arches, pelvis /sacrum, back/spine, head/neck.
60 Hours
Theory Principles of polarity, history & development of Polarity Therapy, anatomy & physiology, energy anatomy, the 7 chakras, 3 gunas & 5 elements. 30 Hours
Exercise Exercises in relationship and balance to the 5 elements. 7 Hours
Assessments Developing Sensory Awareness, Functional (Metabolic) Assessment, Structural (Postural) Assessment. 10 Hours
Nutrition The five elements, food, cleansing program & bio-kinesiology. 6 Hours
Communication and Facilitation How to Communicate and facilitate your client’s processes. How to construct and use affirmations and enhance thinking. 6 Hours
Business Management Success principles, promoting your work, laws & ethics. 6 Hours
Clinical Feedback Case studies, review & integration. 26 Hours
Format: Weekends – 8:45am to 5:30pm*
*Finishing times are approximate*
Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (specific directions provided upon registration)
Duration: 9 modules (weekends) over a 6 to 8 month period.
Tuition Notes: plus $175.00 for mandatory books
NOTE: For Registration with the American Polarity Therapy Association as a RPP (Registered Polarity Practitioner), 10 additional sessions (to those experienced for the APP certification) Personal Polarity Experience sessions are required. The cost for these sessions is the responsibility of the student.
Frequently Asked Questions
Standard Terms: A deposit of $500.00 reserves your place in the Level I Training. This includes the 1st weekend and mandatory books. The balance is due on or before the beginning of the training or may be paid over the course of the training through an Easy Monthly Payment Plan Agreement*.
*Easy Monthly Payment Plan Terms: After making your deposit (the exact amount of which is negotiable), an Agreement is signed and the balance is then paid over a mutually agreed upon period of time. No interest is charged; however, there is a $5.00 processing fee for each payment.
Refund Policy: Once you have registered in the training, the deposit becomes non-refundable. Once the classroom aspect of the program begins, the full tuition becomes non-refundable. Your deposit is completely refundable only if the course is cancelled.
Classroom Work: Hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for weekend classes. Ending times are approximate and classes may end a half an hour early or late depending on how long the group takes to complete the material.
Guided Independent Study and Practicum: Begins with pre-work on your own. The required text books provide preparation in relevant anatomy & physiology and the theory of Polarity Therapy. When assistance is needed, support is available via e-mail and in class. Guided Independent Study continues between classes. Because the pre-work phase develops the necessary knowledge base, other than the Introduction to Polarity Therapy Weekend, there are no other prerequisites for Level 1. Students with related training may, however, have less pre-work to do. Practicum occurs between classes. Students practice what they have learned in class and record the results. All elements are completed in small steps as you progress through the program. Feedback and guidance are offered at the beginning of the next class or optional 1 day workshops.
Reviewing: You may review up to 2 weekends of the course for free within twelve months of the ending date of the program session in which you registered. The cost for each additional weekend is $150.00.
For further information on courses and workshops please contact info@realizingyourpotential.ca