Touch For Health® Level 1

Course: Touch For Health® Level 1
Dates: Please Contact Us for more Details
Facilitator: To be determined
Prerequisite: None
Course Outline
Touch for Health® is a safe and practical touch-healing process of balancing the body’s natural energies to ease discomfort of common aches, pains and the stresses of daily living.

Touch for Health® is a combination of ancient Oriental principles of Acupuncture/Acupressure massage and recent Western developments in wellness and preventive health care.

This remarkable system utilizes muscle monitoring  to determine imbalances in muscle/meridian function and restores balance with gentle, safe and effective touch techniques.  A method for personal evolution using precision muscle monitoring as an instrument of biofeedback.

Touch for Health is for people who want to improve their own health and well-being while having effective ways of teaching others to help themselves. Everyone can improve their home and professional life by incorporating balance into their lifestyle.

Format: Weekdays or Weekends – 8:45am to 5:30pm
Location: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (specific directions provided upon registration)
Duration: 2 days
Tuition Notes: Non-refundable deposit: $50.00
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