Brain Gym® Testimonials

Comments on Brain Gym®:

“I learned lots of new things in the Brain Gym 101 course. The different balances & Brain Gym movements to me is exciting, I will take everything I learned here and incorporate it into my day to day life and with the kids I work with”.

“The simplicity of the work so that I can use it for myself. The BG balance process is quick, easy & profoundly effective”.

“The facilitator was informative and clear in the examples & explanations. She is very engaging & questions were answered completely”.

“ I enjoyed learning about something that can make such a difference in people’s lives, it was nice to learn it from someone who has worked with a lot of people & actually seen the change in people”.

“Ok so I have to just tell you.   I did a 5 step balance with my duaghter in the bathtub for washing her hair.  She freaks out when I wash her hair because she doesn’t want water in her eyes.  So using everything in the tub, and role playing her washing her hair and she wasn’t crying, looking at the bubbles, the toys over there, picked a blue, red or green bath toy.  Did the balance and she did not even wince when I washed her hair.  Honest to god it took 5 min and for the first time she was fine ….so freaking cool!!!”

“On a flight that had a crying children. I held the child’s Positive Points and had the child positioned in Hook-ups, either adapted by crossing over arms when hysterical or in the traditional position for older child…Within 30 seconds to 1 minute of moving to Hook-ups, all three children were calmed and quiet, and two fell into deep sleeps the rest of the flight… Great tool for making an airline flight much more enjoyable for all!”

“I started taking Brain Gym courses when my children were young. The tools I learned made me a more accepting, understanding, supportive and loving parent. My beautiful left-handed daughter and I spent many occasions in hookups together, waiting for her emotions to settle so we could talk things through. Brain Gym has opened up my awareness, intuition, thinking potential and insights. It has empowered me to create a beautiful life. It has facilitated my growth as a person, increasing my inner resources and strength of character. Brain Gym’s language – PACE, Balance, Goal/ intention, Celebrate etc, creates a positive perspective for viewing life that grounds me and carries me forward at the same time.”

“I learned about the Brain Gym program when a friend told me that doing Lazy 8s “magically” helped her daughter read compound words. This 3rd grader could read the words “cook” and “book”, but was unable to recognize the word “cookbook” until after doing Lazy 8s. I had to find out more and began taking Brain Gym classes. I have since become licensed and am seeing children and adults make huge leaps in learning.”