Touch for Health® Testimonials

Comments on Touch for Health (TFH):

“I suffered from Brain Damage after a falling accident. I was unable to turn my head. After receiving a TFH balance session, I was over joyed to get my head movement back again.”

“I am an 84 year old who had been released from hospital after a fall causing a broken pelvis. I was left with sleeplessness, tingling in my legs at night, lower back pain and lack of energy. After having a Time of Day balance, I was pleasantly surprised when I awoke the next morning after having slept the full night through. The tingling in my legs was gone as was my lower back pain. With a few more sessions, my energy level improved as well. I am thrilled. Thank you.”

“ Dizziness had become a way of life, Dr.’s found no cause. I was given drugs which had huge side effects. I was so pleased and actually astonished that after a few sessions of having my muscles balanced, the dizziness was gone and I got my normal life back.”

“…poop…so I’ve been doing eye exercises on and off for months now. I just did them now from TFH and I swear my left eye popped back into place. My eyes feel square on my head…I sense that they are now teaming together.

I’ve lied down to meditate and feel whole body adjusting…so interesting…a little freaked out so I had to share :)”

“I cannot thank you enough for preparing me mentally, emotionally and spiritually for TFH II and for all my next steps. Learning from your teaching style was truly helpful and made a *world of difference* to my BG and ESL teaching practice and to stepping into TFH II.”

“My right arm would only move up to shoulder level. After a few sessions working on balancing my muscles without really focusing on my arm movement, I was so surprised that without thinking and without hesitation I simply raised my arm up high to reach something. I am so amazed and thankful”.

“I was walking crocked and didn’t even realized it. After one session I was standing tall, straight and walked with ease. Wow!”

“I always struggled with backing up when driving and after my eye balance which included looking backward in a mirror, it simply became easy. So very thankful.”

“I’m not sure what happened in that TFH session. I do know that my indigestion and long standing headaches have both stopped. Intrigued, amazed and pleased.”